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Advanced Band Contract


My son / daughter / will / will not (circle one) be participating in the Freeman-Kennedy School Instrumental Music Program this year.


Student Name:__________________________________________Phone#:__________________________


Email address:__________________________________________Student Homeroom#____________





Parents & Students

Please read carefully and sign


I would like to participate in the Instrumental Music Program this year and understand that I will be responsible for the following:


1.    The $200.00 (non-refundable) Advanced Band Feemust be paid in full on or before Friday, September 27rd.

2.    Coming to lessons on time. 

3.    Attending allsectional rehearsals.

4.    Attending allband rehearsals.

5.    Attending allperformances.

6.    Practicing at home in order to be prepared for lessons and rehearsals.

7.    Being kind, courteous, respecting the rights of others, and being responsible for my own behavior during lessons, sectionals, and rehearsals.


Student Signature:_________________________________________    Date:_________________


Parent Signature:__________________________________________    Date:_________________


Please send this portion of the contract to Mr. Fouracre via mail, email at fouracre@norfolk.k12.ma.us, or with your child on or before Friday, August 30, 2019.





Advanced Band Fee – 2019-2020


Student’s Name:________________________________________           Grade:___________


________Check Enclosed                             _______On-line payment

(Please make checks payable to Town of Norfolk or visit the on-line e-school payment center, Norfolk Public Schools Webpage).  Payment is due by Friday, September 27, 2019. If there are special circumstances for which you are unable to fulfill this obligation, please contact the Superintendent's office@508-528-1225.


Parents please fill out this form and return with your payment to the superintendent’s office.Please do not send to Mr. Fouracre or the main office. If you have already done so, or notified the school that your child will not be participating in the program this year, please disregard this paperwork.