Weekly Homework Assignments

Weekly Homework 

If your child forgets to bring home his/her spelling words on Monday, please email me and let me know!   There are some weeks when there are no spelling words. I will try to email you ahead of time to let you know if there is spelling homework or not.  If your child can't finish the assignments by Friday, please send me an email on Friday so the due date can be changed to the following Monday.  Homework can be turned in early if complete. 

The spelling lists are made up of words from weekly phonics lessons and usually follow a consistent pattern.  Basic sight words are sometimes included each week.

Daily READING … Try to read at least 20 minutes per day.  The parent can do the reading.

Math Homework

Some students will receive math homework from me.  I send home the homework for the entire week on Monday or Tuesday.

REFLEX math - please complete 3 days a week at home!

 Thank you for your continued support!