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Bucket Filling

Have you filled someone's bucket today?  Freeman-Kennedy is working to be a school FULL of “Bucket Fillers”. We say that our buckets are full when we are happy and feel good about ourselves. We need other people to help fill our buckets, and they need us to help fill theirs. Filling another person's bucket is easy. 

     A bucket can be filled by doing something as simple as smiling and greeting someone, remembering to say thank you when someone has been kind, helping a friend with a problem, or complimenting someone on a job well done. The list is endless when it comes to being a ‘Bucket Filler’.

     But, sometimes, people dip into our buckets and that is called ‘Bucket Dipping’.  This is what we want to try to avoid doing to others. Bucket Dipping is when people use unkind words, bully others, say or do mean or inappropriate things, not helping others or not treating others in a respectful way.

     Just as someone can help us feel good by being a bucket filler, they can also cause us to feel sad by dipping into our bucket. It is important to let people know when they fill our bucket and it is just as important to let them know when they dip into our bucket.

     The Bucket Filling program at Freeman-Kennedy is based on a series of books: Have You Filled a Bucket Today?Fill a BucketGrowing Up with a Bucket Full of Happiness: Three Rules for a Happier Life by Carol McCloud and How Full is Your Bucket? by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer.

     Bucket Filling is something everyone can do and practice every day. Third grade students and staff can now nominate students to be a “Bucket Filler of the Week!” On Friday morning we will announce the “Bucket Fillers of the Week” and those lucky students will have their picture posted on our bucket filler bulletin board and receive a special ‘Bucket Filler of the Week” certificate, sticker and pencil! We hope to get the students, staff and parents involved with filling one another’s buckets.

Have you filled someone’s bucket today???