Tips for Engaging your Child in Reading

1. Children feel confident and competent when they read books that are "just right". But, how do you find a "just right" book? Have your child read the back and front cover, and first page of the book. If there are more than five words that he/she cannot pronounce or understand in context, the book may be too challenging. Be supportive about finding a more perfect fit. Choosing the right book will help your reader feel successful. 

2. It's important to provide your child with a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. 

3. Take time to read comic strips together. Share favorites from your own childhood and have your child put his favorites on the fridge. Read them aloud, and often--repetition is a great way to build reading skills. Comics are a great way to build inferential comprehension. 

4. Get your child hooked on a series book! See our book lists page for suggestions.

5. Show your child how to summarize a story in a few sentences or how to make predictions about what might happen next. Both strategies help a child comprehend and remember. 

6. Use the time spent in the car for wordplay. Talk about how jam means something you put on toast as well as cars stuck in traffic. How many homonyms can your child think of?