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Ida B

Paul Bunyan



First Night

Beech Tree

MCAS Prep: Math

MCAS Prep: Science

Reading and Writing Links for Argument and Advocacy:

Writing: Argument

Reading: Argument  password: lucy

Thanksgiving Shopping 

Big Y

Stop and Shop


Roche Brothers

Whole Foods

Market Basket

Kenya Padlet

Student Start Page

Lights and Shadows

BBC Website on Light and Shadows

Don't forget to complete both sides of your sheet!

Science/ Technology/ Engineering 

Click on Become an Engineer

Scroll down and click on specific Engineering Majors for information

Click on Engineering Technology majors for information

Click on specific engineering career for information

You can filter by category or choose a picture

click on a picture

 6 pages of different engineers


Animal Classification

This link has some basic information about classification of animals and two classification games. One is in the African Savannah and the other is in the North American Forest. 

Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection

This link has information and directions so you can perform a virtual Owl Pellet Dissection! 

Animal Classification/Food Chains

This link has some great review games and activities for animal classification and food chains as well as many other topics! 

Kids Astronomy

Great site for all kinds of astronomy investigations! 

Amazing Space

Click on "Tonight's Sky" in the left hand side bar for a video showing and explaining what you'll find in the sky for the current month. 

Phases of the Moon Webquest

This webquest was borrowed from a WebQuest by Mr. Conant - briscoe Middle School, Beverly, MA. Thank you Mr. Conant! When I checked this out, some of the links weren't active any longer, but I still think enough are active links and sites to complete the webquest. Have fun learning about the phases of the moon! 

Newton's Apple Moon Phases video

This link will show a video of the changes in the moon over the course of one month. 

Light and Shadows

This interactive site helps with understanding how shadows are formed and how the position of the light source impacts the shadow. You can move the sun to see the impact on shadows outside over the course of a day. 

Kinds of Energy 

Kid Zone - Types of Energy 

Kid Port Reference Library 

Free Digital Photos/images 

Energy Pictures 

The Power Kids