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Hall of Fame Information

Hall of Fame Due Dates 2018-2019

Tuesday, December 13th  - Choose five names

Wednesday, January 4th  - Sources will be checked and approved.  Then reading and note taking should begin

Tuesday, January 10thYour note sheets will be checked for appropriate organization and content.

Friday, January 13th - Note sheets for final teacher check

Tuesday, January 17th - Rough draft of the introduction of your speech

Thursday, January 19thRough draft of the body of your speech

Tuesday, January 24thRough draft of the conclusion of your speech

Friday, January 27thFinal, typed copy of your whole speech

Monday, January 30th to Friday, February 3rdPractice your speech in class -Practice your speech at home every night too

Tuesday, February 7th - Dress rehearsal/ fifth grade

Wednesday, February 8thDress rehearsal/school performance

Thursday, February 9th - Evening Community Performance from

6:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M.

Thursday, February 16th (Snow Date)– Evening Community Performance from

6:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M.


Hall of Fame-Guidelines

The Steps in Writing and Presenting a Persuasive Speech

 On February 9, 2017, the fifth grade will come together to create a HALL OF FAME. You will astound family and friends as you bring to life a character from the past and support your nomination to the Hall of Fame. To take part in this exciting event, you must complete the following steps:


  1. _________________________ (Name of nominee)
  1. Narrow your topic to:
    1. What made this person famous?
    2. Best qualities of this person
    3. Most important experiences
  1. Gather enough information so that you are familiar with your famous person and his/her achievements. Remember, notes are written in your own words as short phrases or bullets, not in complete sentences. Be sure to have enough information so that you are able to persuade your audience that you should be inducted into our Hall of Fame.
  1. Prepare an exciting introduction. Now that you have gathered information, it is time to prepare an introduction. Writing an introduction will help you think about what you want to say and how you’re going to say it. You need to grab the attention of your audience and convince them why you should be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Here are some tips on how to begin your introduction to get your audience attention:

~ use a famous quote

~ ask an interesting question

~ tell a short story

~ make a striking statement

After you have written your introduction, revise it until you are satisfied that it will grab the attention of your audience. THIS is the most important part of your persuasive speech.

  1. Write the speech including a conclusion. You have your note sheets, which will be used for the body of your speech. Use descriptive words that help your audience clearly imagine your famous person. Then you need to write a conclusion in which you have your last chance to restate why you are famous. Convince your audience once again! (total time of entire speech = one minute)
  1. Practice your delivery. You’ve heard that practice makes perfect, so follow this advice:

~practice in a quiet place where you can listen to yourself or even watch yourself in a mirror

~ practice in front of friends or parents and ask for suggestions

  1. Present your speech

~ look at the audience

~ speak loudly and clearly

~ speak slowly so that your audience can understand you

~ stand up tall; don’t slump, sway  or lean.

  1.  Hall of Fame Poster : (This will be worked on during art classes in school)

~ portrait of your person

~ name of your person

~ years of life, for example (1900 – 1950)

~ three phrases/words that support your induction into the Hall of Fame

~ colorful 1” border to frame your poster