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Concrete/Shape poetry websites
This one gives directions to make concrete poems in word - you will need to adapt the directions to use in Google Docs (I'm not even sure it will work!)
Image Chef
Visual Poetry
Anne Frank Museum 
Harris Burdick Story by Chris Van Allsburg

This site has additional practice pages as well as games and activities that support our grammar program. 

TVO Kids - Grammar games

This site has a lot of virtual manipulatives to help with fractions, decimals, telling time, etc.
This is a great site with lots of different topics covered. This link will take you to the math section of the site.

Math Playground
This site has lots of games and activities.

EDM pages to view

This site has EDM study link pages, family letters, journal pages, for chapters 1 - 10 as well as some SRB resources. The files are copyrighted, so students should view the page and answer the questions on another piece of paper that they can bring to school and staple to their book. 


This site has lots of great activities. One of the activities I like best is Geometric Solids. You can click on the shape and move it around so you can see all sides of the three dimensional solid. You can also change the colors as you click on faces, edges, or vertices and the computer will count them for you! 


This interactive game is a lot of fun! The object of the game is to meet the target number by using the numbers provided and following the powerline. When you've mastered Powerlines 1 you will get a password to go on to Powerlines 2. Have fun! 

Adapted Math

This site is called Adapted Math and describes itself as a better way to learn math. There are many activities and worksheets you can use to  practice concepts as well as have fun while making sure you understand. 

Cone Crazy 
This link will help with multiplication fact practice. 

Space Rocks 
This site helps with factor pair practice. 

Pumpkin Multiples 
Use the arrows on the keyboard to catch the multiples of the number in the ghost's basket. 

Factor Trees 
Reinforcement of prime factorization skills. 

Math Baseball 
This funbrain website provides addition/subtraction/multiplication and division fact practice.

This website has a variety of games and great links! 

Place Value Pirates 
Here is a Jeopardy game to practice the vocabulary and help study for decimals (chapter 3)
Here is a Jeopardy game to practice the vocabulary and help study for Geometry (chapter 11)
This website has tons of decimal games and activities - choose a few to practice your decimal  and money skills.
Social Studies
Marco Polo's journey
Use this interactive map to learn a little about Marco Polo.
Marco Polo

This link will take you to an interactive map of Marco Polo's travels.

This site has a wide variety of resources for many subject areas. It has a lot of history videos for elementary students. 
Bill of Rights Webquest (by Charlotte Meyer)

Congress for Kids
This site has many activities to help learn the Bill of Rights!

Criminal Amendments in the Bill of Rights
This sight has resources relating to the amendments that have to do with our rights and the legal system as well as other information.
Neo K12 Education

Another site with a wealth of information on many subject areas. 

Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga

This site is full of video clips and information about the Vikings in Norway, Iceland, Greenland and the east coast of present day Canada! 
This site has fantastic links when studying and researching the ancient Aztecs. Start with this page, "The Aztecs" and end with the page labeled "The Aztec Empire Falls". 
This site is fantastic for researching the ancient Incan civilization. Start with this page labeled "The Inca Empire" and end with the page labeled "The Incas Fall". 
This site has many fantastic links for historical references when studying the Maya. You can start with this page, "The Mayans" and continue through the page labeled "The Mayans Decline". 


This link has some basic information about classification of animals and two classification games. One is in the African Savannah and the other is in the North American Forest. 

Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection

This link has information and directions so you can perform a virtual Owl Pellet Dissection! 

Animal Classification/Food Chains

This link has some great review games and activities for animal classification and food chains as well as many other topics! 

Kids Astronomy

Great site for all kinds of astronomy investigations! 

Phases of the moon rap for kids
Mr. Parr Moon Phases song

Phases of the Moon
This site has a few games and videos to help practice and understand the phases of the Moon
Moon Phases
This site has a video and a game.
Lunar Cycle Challenge
This site has you drag Moon phases into their appropriate spot on a Lunar calendar.

Amazing Space

Click on "Tonight's Sky" in the left hand side bar for a video showing and explaining what you'll find in the sky for the current month. 

Phases of the Moon Webquest

This webquest was borrowed from a WebQuest by Mr. Conant - briscoe Middle School, Beverly, MA. Thank you Mr. Conant! When I checked this out, some of the links weren't active any longer, but I still think enough are active links and sites to complete the webquest. Have fun learning about the phases of the moon! 

Newton's Apple Moon Phases video

This link will show a video of the changes in the moon over the course of one month. 

Light and Shadows

This interactive site helps with understanding how shadows are formed and how the position of the light source impacts the shadow. You can move the sun to see the impact on shadows outside over the course of a day. 

Kinds of Energy 

Kid Zone - Types of Energy 

Kid Port Reference Library 

Free Digital Photos/images 

Energy Pictures 

The Power Kids 

Eschool today 
Miscellaneous Course 2

Code. org Course 3

Great search engine for kids! 

Ivy's Search Engines for Kids

There are multiple links on this page to search engines for children. 

Quia web

This web site is a great site to help study! I didn't have to set up an account. Simply look in the lower right hand corner and click on the area you want to study and learn more about! Enjoy! 

Bibliography - Citation Machine

This site will help you cite references for a bibliography.


This site is a fabulous study tool! You can search for pre-made flashcards and games or create your own! If you create your own, you will need to set up an account so please check with your parents first. Once the information on the subject matter is entered, the site will create a variety of study activities as well as practice tests for you! 

Dance Mat Typing
This is a great site to learn and practice your typing skills - which will save you a lot of time throughout your life!

Sense- Lang typing
Another great site for typing skills.