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Homework Policy


The purpose of homework is to reinforce/review the school day’s assignments. Therefore, students should not need a lot of guided assistance. If you are finding that your child does not understand his or her homework, please assist them as needed and write me a note explaining the problem. I can then provide additional support the following day.


Homework usually includes reading, math, and spelling or vocabulary. In addition grammar, science, and social studies homework will be given on occasion. Students should spend 40-70 minutes per night on homework. This includes reading and practicing math facts daily. All students should be reading daily for 20 minutes. Students may practice their math facts any way they wish. All students will have access to Reflex Math where they can practice math facts online through their account. Math facts should be practiced daily for about 10 minutes. 


Homework is given each night, Monday-Thursday. Students will write their homework assignments in their agendas daily. Homework assignments should be returned to school the following day, unless otherwise specified. If a student does not complete his or her homework assignment they will be expected to finish it the following night, along with any other homework given. They will receive a homework slip which will be signed by myself, the student, and a parent. If homework assignments continue to be late and or not completed, a parent teacher conference may be needed as well as a student detention. 


Occasionally students will also receive projects. Projects are designed to engage students further in their learning of science and social studies units. All projects will be sent home with a letter to parents. This letter will also include due dates and additional information needed. Parents may be asked to sign off on projects.