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Classroom Update

Lunch and Recess

Recess will precede lunch again this year. Recess and lunch will begin at 10:50 and end at 11:40 a.m. Snack time will be at 1:20pm most days.  Please select small, nutritious snacks that are not too messy and can be eaten quickly. Also, please note that I have not yet been informed of our classroom status as a peanut or nut free classroom, but will notify you as soon as I hear.


Monday – Art                            Thursday - P.E.

Tuesday – P.E.                               Friday - Music

Wednesday - Library


Homework will be assigned to all third graders.  We will begin to assign homework slowly.  We will gradually increase its scope and substance. It is important that homework be completed and returned to school the next day as assigned as it is often an integral part of the next day’s lesson.


This is the first year that your child will use an agenda book. Assignments will be copied into the agenda under my supervision.  Homework should return to school in the Homework Folder the following day. Home reading is recorded in the agenda each night. Parents, please help your child with organization and initial agenda daily.

Home Reading

Developing a love of reading is so important at this age. Students are assigned home reading each night. We kick off the year with a focus on fluency. Your support in listening to your child read even just one page would be a tremendous help. Sometimes parents find it fun to take turns reading. A combination of silent and shared reading is encouraged in third grade. Some children enjoy recording themselves. I prefer that they finish the books they begin, so please encourage finishing one book before they start the next.


A list of suggested supplies can be found on the school website. I can of course supply all of the school supplies required to access the curriculum. However, if you choose to send in supplies for your child, please note that in addition to the posted supplies, my students would benefit from two marble notebooks, crayons and colored pencils, a clean white sock, and a low-profile clipboard of a color of their choice. Also, please note that the binder should have a clear-view cover.


As we as a nation become more mindful of the importance of school nutrition, we as a school community have rethought the tradition of the school birthday treat. This year I suggest handing out a small item or donating a book to the classroom library in lieu of the sweet birthday treat in school. Summer birthdays may choose to celebrate a half birthday or any date in June. Please let me know in advance which day you plan to send it in.


We love volunteers! Be on the lookout for notices asking for help. Your generous donation of time allows our wonderful hands-on activities to run smoothly and our children to be properly chaperoned. An active CORI check is required of all volunteers. Please contact the school office for CORI information. If you filled one out when your child was in kindergarten, your CORI may expire this year.


If you are going to pick up your child at dismissal time, or if you are going to make any other special dismissal arrangements (including after-school activities) please send in a note with your child on that day. Sending in a note in addition to any activity permission slip assures that there is no confusion on that day.


Email is the best way to communicate with me, (, but I may call you on occasion. Please check to make sure that your voice mailbox is not full so that I or the school nurse may leave a message if needed.

Scholastic Book Club order!   

We love books! Now it's easier than ever to find the perfect books for your child  with the online Scholastic Book Clubs website.  I will periodically send home book order flyers for you and your child to review. Simply log onto the Scholastic website to place your order. Online you can choose from a much wider selection of books than in the printed flyer, and enjoy the security of direct-pay. Scholastic Book Orders are a great way to build your home library while supporting your child's classroom. All book orders will be shipped to the classroom and sent home with your child.   

Our class activation code is HWPL6.

May Update

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