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January Newsletter

posted Jan 13, 2014, 12:35 PM by Rafael Sardi

January Newsletter  

January 2014

Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s),

Happy New Year!!! I hope that you and your family were able to spend some quality time together over the holiday break. Here is a look at what has been happening in our classroom...

In Science, we have continued our Simple Machines unit of study. This past month students have learned the six different simple machines, they way that the machines work, and how each machine makes work easier. Students read about the different machines, observed pictures of different simple machines and how we use them in our everyday lives, and they watched videos to see the machines in action. EdHeads was a website introduced to students as good review for the topic as well.

In Social Studies, students have continued learning about early Massachusetts’ history.Students learned about the Pilgrim’s reasons for leaving England, the Mayflower voyage, setting up the Pilgrim colony in Plymouth and all of the struggles they faced there. They also learned about their relationship with the Wampanoag people, and The First Thanksgiving.

In Writing, students enjoyed being able to share their personal narrative stories with classmates. In the spirit of the season, students also completed some holiday and persuasive writing. I am always impressed by enthusiasm that students show for writing and for their eagerness to read their work aloud to the class.

In Math, we completed chapter 5, Use Multiplication Fact and we started Ch.6,Understand Division. I am impressed by how well students have done memorizing their facts at this point! Please continue to have your child practice his/her basic facts at home using Xtra Math.

In Reading, we began a new unit, Determining Importance, which will continue into the New Year. Students also had fun with a holiday reader’s theater, which they were able to read for fluency practice. Our classroom read aloud this month was Ali Baba Bernstein, by Johanna Hurwitz. Students enjoyed hearing about the main character’s adventures and changing their own names to follow in his steps. This month, I encourage students to do more nonfiction reading at home as good practice for what we’ll be doing in school.

Winter is here to stay for a while! Please be sure that you are sending your child to school with a warm jacket, a hat, and a pair of gloves. Also, if there is snow on the ground, snow boots need to be warn to keep feet clean and dry.

Thank you for your continued support!

Amanda Moore


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