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Bournedale Information



Departure and Pick Up:  All students should be at school at 8:00 on Monday, September 26th.  Please bring your child to the parking lot by the main entrance of the school.  Each child must have a sleeping bag, pillow and clothing bag that is labeled.  There are to be no electronics of any kind on the bus or at camp. 

The children are to be picked up by 2:00 on Friday, September 30th.  The students will not be re-entering the school.  If you cannot pick up your child, please find someone who is able to help.  They will not be taking their regular bus home.

MEDICATIONS:  Any child who is taking a prescription or over-the-counter medication MUST have all medication to the school nurse ASAP.

CHAPERONES:  You may come as early as you like the day you are chaperoning.   All students are back from classes at 4:30.  You may eat dinner (5:00) and breakfast (8:00) with your child.  If you cannot make it early, please be sure to be at camp by 8:00 for the chaperone meeting.  Due to food allergies, please do not bring snacks from home to the cabins.

It is the policy of Camp Bournedale that only parents who are chaperoning can be at the camp.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me  Thank you.

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