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Other Info


Every day, we will have a mid-morning snack.  Please make sure to send in a healthy snack and remember all snacks must be peanut-free.  Don't forget to send in utensils if they are needed.

Dismissal Notes:   

If there is any change in your child's dismissal routine, a note must be sent to school with them.  This includes pick-ups, SACC, or an after school activity that they will be attending.  One note may be written explaining any long term after-school routines (including dates or days of the week).  If it is a last minute change, please contact the main office directly.  Do not send me an email as I may not check email until after the students have left for the day.


You must have a CORI check before volunteering in the school or on field trips.  You may contact the main office to see if you need to fill out a CORI.