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Curriculum Info

Social Studies   

Our Social Studies program is through National Geographic


The Units include:

The Essentials of Geography, South America, Europe, Russia and the Eurasian Republics, Africa, and Asia

Students will have access to the textbook as well as additional resources online




In Depth Novel Studies  This is a chance to model reading strategies and to hold whole class discussions on a variety of texts.  Students will frequently break into small groups as they explore a wide range of topics and work to deepen their comprehension of a text.  Additionally, students will be required to complete independent reading assignments on a regular basis.

Writing  Writing is embedded within the curriculum.  Students are writing on a regular basis in response to their reading.  We use a variety of model texts that students have an opportunity to analyze and then produce similar writing using their own thinking.

SSR (Sustained Silent Reading) - This is the students' opportunity to practice reading strategies and for me to meet with students individually to hear them read & to discuss their books. 

ELA- Vocabulary   

ELA- Writing   

ELA- Grammar   

Scholastic Book Clubs