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Classroom Polices

Classroom Policies


Language Arts:   Students will need a 3-ring binder, pocket folders, and a supply of lined paper

Social Studies:  Students will need a pocket folder.  Here they will keep any notes, review sheets, and any assignments given.  


Dismissal Notes:  If there is any change in your child's dismissal routine, a note must be sent to school with them.  This includes pick-ups, SACC, or an after school activity that they will be attending.  One note may be written explaining any long term after-school routines (including dates, or days of the week).

Lunch Money:  If your child plans on buying lunch or milk, please send in money in a small bag, envelope, change purse, or container.  Students are responsible for being in charge of their money.  They will bring it with them to and from the cafeteria.  You may also prepay for lunch by sending in a check in advance.

Reminder: you must have a CORI check before volunteering in the school or on field trips.  You may contact the main office to see if you need to fill out a CORI.